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Vision Benefits and Premiums for Employees

Vision Service Plan
All Employees Group #:
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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

The County’s vision plan is available to employees who work a minimum of 60 hours biweekly and some part time employees. Refer to your MOU or salary resolution for details. The plan includes coverage for you and your dependents to age 19 (and under 23 if full time student).This is family coverage, your eligible dependents must be enrolled at the time of eligibility or during annual enrollment. Your eye doctor will be able to tell you if you exceed plan allowances. Any costs in excess will be the responsibility of the employee.

Members are eligible for an annual exam and lenses if prescription changes. You may get new frames every two years.

Computer Vision Care (CVC)

Previously known as Video Display Terminal (VDT). Effective March 31, 2010 the County’s Video Display Terminal Benefit (VDT) will be completely administered by VSP under their Computer Vision Care (CVC) benefit. There is no need to submit requests or forms to your supervisor, payroll clerk, or the County HR Benefits Unit. Instead you can get care directly from your VSP provider. For details, contact VSP’s customer service at (800) 877-7195.

Please note: the Computer Vision Care (CVC) benefit is available to employees only.

Hearing Aid Discount Program

VSP members have access to significant hearing aid discounts through TruHearing.

Employee Vision Documentation

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COBRA Continuation Coverage

Glossary of Benefit Terms (County’s)

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms (Uniform federal health care glossary)

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

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