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Health Advocacy Program: CareCounsel

The CareCounsel Healthcare Assistance Program is available to County employees, retirees, and their family members who are eligible for or enrolled in a County-sponsored medical, dental and/or vision plan.  This program is also available to Extra Help employees enrolled in a County-sponsored medical plan.

CareCounsel is an autonomous subsidiary of Stanford Hospital & Clinics. This is a confidential service staffed by master’s level health professionals. Their services are aimed at answering questions about the differences between different types of health plans, how to use your health plans, and to resolve problems you encounter with them. It is not a health insurance plan, rather it is a benefit advocate service to help you get the best out of your health plans and to help you access the care you desire.

CareCounsel Brochure (PDF: 368 kB)

Services Provided

  • Education and Information

    Employees can receive counseling and information on a broad range of healthcare topics, including how to choose, use and understand your health plan, selecting primary care providers, dentists and specialists, understanding managed care benefits, going to the hospital, usual and customary charges, second opinions, clinical trials, long-term care alternatives, preventive health guidelines, supporting a loved one with a serious illness and understanding Medicare.

  • Advocacy

    CareCounselors are available to help you effectively resolve questions and concerns that arise as you use your health benefits. They address issues including claims problems, physician access and availability, quality of care concerns and support with health plan grievances and appeals. They will act as your personal advocate with your health plan.

  • Coaching

    CareCounsel will provide tools so you can be a more proactive, informed partner in healthcare decision making. Your CareCounselor will listen to your concerns, answer questions, provide educational handouts, guide you to appropriate resources and help you with complicated situations that may arise as you utilize the healthcare system. Research shows that patients who take extra steps to ask questions of their doctors and gather information have better health outcomes. Call CareCounsel if you need help talking to your doctor or preparing for a medical visit or hospital stay.

  • Resources

    CareCounsel can help you locate information about a wide variety of health and disease-related organizations and resources to support you or a loved one facing a medical problem. CareCounsel can also help you sort through the maze of health-related Internet sites to find valuable information relevant to your needs.

    A Note about Confidentiality - The County respects your privacy and has contracted with CareCounsel to provide you with confidential assistance. When you use the Healthcare Assistance Program, you have CareCounsel’s assurance that no identifying information will be shared with the County.

Contact Information

When do I contact CareCounsel?
If you have questions regarding your health plan benefits, choosing a health plan, selecting and locating doctors and hospitals, troubleshooting claims problems, to obtain support with grievances and appeals, to address quality-of-care concerns, and to find resources for a health condition.

Available by Phone:
8:30am to 5:00pm PST Monday to Friday
(888) 227-3334 Work

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