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Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefit Program

County of Sonoma currently provides two (2) separate insured Long Term Disability Benefit (LTD) plans. Questions should be directed to the plan carriers below.

When an employee goes on leave and if they are covered by The Standard Long Term Disability Benefit plan, the departmental HR/Payroll liaison is responsible to provide the LTD FAQ, the Answers to your Questions brochure, and Summary Plan Description to the employee. The FAQ gives the employee the Claim Intake Service Center phone number and the necessary steps to file a claim. FAQ Document (PDF: 33kb)

When an employee goes on leave and if they are covered by the Peace Officers Research Association (PORAC) plan, the departmental HR/Payroll Liaison is responsible for providing the employee with the necessary application forms.

Here are the available plans.

Plan A: Standard Long Term Disability Benefit Plan

This is a purchased employer-paid Long Term Disability Benefit plan through the Standard Insurance Company.

The Standard Insurance Company

(800) 368-1135 General Information

Click link to view full policy: Policy Certificate (PDF: 212kb)

This plan covers all permanent County employees who are regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 32 hours per pay period (.4 FTE) with an exception of employees who are covered by Plan B.

Benefit coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following your date of initial eligibility (date of hire or permanent status appointment). The benefit waiting period is sixty (60) calendar days of disability and the benefit rate is sixty-six and two-thirds (66-2/3 %) of the covered wages up to the monthly maximum benefit of ten-thousand dollars ($10,000). The benefits cannot be supplemented with any paid leave hours, such as sick leave. The benefit payments are paid each month by Standard Insurance Company.

This plan includes a mandatory return to work provision in accordance with the County’s Temporary Transitional Duty Policy.

The cost of the LTD Program will be paid by the County while the employee is covered by the plan; therefore, the benefits are subject to appropriate income taxes, including Social Security tax.

To file an LTD claim follow the instructions on this FAQ Document (PDF: 33kb). Hard copies of the Certificate and Summary Plan Description and the Answers to your questions brochure can be requested through the employee’s departmental payroll clerk. Policy Certificate (PDF: 212kb)

Plan B: Peace Officers Research Association (PORAC) Long Term Disability Benefit Plan

This is a purchased employee-paid Long Term Disability Benefit plan through the Insurance and Benefits Trust of Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). Participation is mandatory and premiums are paid through a payroll deduction.

Myers, Stevens, Toohey & Company, Incorporation

(800) 827-4695 General Information

This plan covers permanent County employees who are represented by the following bargaining groups and are regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours per week (.75 FTE):

  • Corrections and Probation Non-supervisory (30: SCLEA)
  • Law Enforcement Non-supervisory (40: SCLEA)
  • Law Enforcement Supervisory (41: SCLEA)
  • Law Enforcement Management (43: DSLEM)
  • Sonoma County Law Enforcement Managers’ Association (44: SCLEMA)
  • Deputy Sheriff Non-supervisory (46: DSA)
  • Deputy Sheriff Supervisory (47: DSA)
  • Corrections and Probation Supervisory (70: SCLEA)

Sick leave accruals may be used to supplement the benefits accordingly to the plan provision. For benefit information and application forms, please contact:

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